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youngalientype's Journal
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Sunday, November 20th, 2005
4:04 am
I am happy to announce that the Data Panik forums are now up and running!


Monday, October 3rd, 2005
1:06 am
I've made quite a few bis-related icons BACK IN THA DAI.

And thought, 'how nice'. I'll share these with my fellow fans!Collapse )
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
4:57 am
Sorry for the spam. But bis fans... REPRESENT!
Basically m0nstarr REVAMPED.

Yes, it's yet another "rate me" community. However, we're a tid-bit different from the rest. At youngalientypes, it's all about eccentricity, originality, and wit. The perfect home for those of imperfection (rather than PERFECTION), intellect, and creativity.

So, think you are all youngalientypes? Then PLEASE JOIN!!!
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
5:35 am
Hi! I still and always WILL love bis. If not bis, Dirty Hospital, The Kitchen, and DATA (dahtah) PANIK.

Sarah Kei
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
2:40 pm
the bis research institute
in my spare time i'm easily distracted and i must start doing and compiling things. for the past several years it's been all the info on bis i can gather, and i set up a wiki. please come and participate, it should be a fun time, or something, sharing and caring in the bis community.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
11:17 pm
What The Fuck?!
Trying to order some last bits I'm missing I keep coming up with this goddamn Japanese J-Rock band that are called bis!


Fuckers even use lowercase too.


Current Mood: bitchy
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
4:00 pm

I didn't liked how the last bis stickers said "I ♥ed Bis",
so i stenciled on my jacket, to show everyone that i still love my
favorite band no matter what state they're in.
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
8:21 pm
Best Of
So bisnation wants to know what 12-20 songs to put on a "best of" comp. What's your list?
Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
7:22 pm
just wondering what other bis fans think
my need for organization knows no bounds, or so my friends tell me. so i ask you this fellow bis fans, do you list both songs off Heroes & Villans as b-sides of Music for a Stranger World or Social Dancing or do you list the Theme as a b-side for Social Dancing and Fight the Power as a b-side the Music? i don't know why, but this is the things i think about all the time. you can tell me to get lost and get a life if you want, but any thoughts would be fun to hear.

still all about finding these songs if it's not listed i have it, or don't know about it, if you can help i will return w/ music in kind
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
9:06 pm
LASTEST INFO: (c/o bisnation.com)
7/16/2004 2:18:38 AM
So it may seem like things have been quiet recently, but the Bis guys have been busy.

They are still writing music for the new BBC cartoon which as yet is still untitled. They have completed 13 songs and the theme tune so just 13 more to go for the 2nd series. we'll let you know the release date when we get it.

Also, lots of fans have been asking what's happening to their "new band" now that bis is deceased. as you know there were songs recorded at the end of Bis that were due to get used. manda, john and steven are now back in the studio and working on the new project very hard. lots of songs are in progress, the main problem being a name for the band - so all suggestions welcome!

also look out for the kitchen album 'foreign objects' (manda's other band) but the release date may be moved back from the 9th August so we'll let you know ASAP.

Dirty Hospital (john and steven's other band) play nice 'n' sleazys in Glasgow on Sunday 18th July, so get along to that if you can.

Manda has also recently provided vocals for Japanese songwriter "ryo" for the Meister project (mark gardener from ride features etc). The 2 songs will feature on his album due for release in the UK in August. Details will be posted when we get them. Manda incidentally has also sang with National Forrest on Fear and Hope records in Manchester. Again, when we get release details we'll let you know.

Look out for Bis's punk version of the Powerpuff Girls Theme tune on HBO's '6 feet under'. Bis get about don't they?

okay, i think you're up to date now!

Also (ilovethekitchen.com):

Yeah, the band is no longer together as husband and wife. Ryan will be back in Florida while Manda will stay in sunny Glasgow. All is not lost though. The Kitchen will not be splitting up although we will be reassessing how we will work. Thanks to modern technology, hopefully you'll be hearing more from us. The album is still coming out on the 9th of August on Damaged Goods. Thanks to everyone, we just thought we should let you know.
Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
1:27 pm
fibre tip is our weapon
only just joined today, and wow oh wow was amazed to see something bis up here, so glad to see people still care.

did anyone go any of their last gigs in uk, or their last one in glasgow. i supported them in manchester as the radical cheerleaders and did a godawful version fo starbrite boy which im very embrassed about now!

has anyone got live stuff they wanna swap?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
3:27 pm
Upon compiling a near-perfect listing and ordering my mp3's, I've discovered that I haven't got "Thee Mellow Message" that is on the Japanese "Tell It To The Kids" Ep/Single that I *do* have back at my parents house, but I'm not going back there for a while. I feel dirty knowing that I'm missing something. Can anyone send it to me or give me a soulseek ID so I can download off them? I'm sure I have a track or two I can trade in exchange.
[the "Honesty is Stupid" and "My Fist, Yr Face" tracks were from me, and I have quite a few rarities knocking about!]

incidentally, the song behind "My Fist, Yr Face" was that while they were soundchecking, one of the roadies was being really fucking mean, and so they recorded it then and there on the spot ^__^

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
1:32 am
so i finally found the ultra-rare, unreleased bis track "honesty is stupid" on soulseek after hunting for around a year or so and it is making me so happy i think i'm going to explode rightaboutnow.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
9:57 pm
you can have that tiny little plastic thing i put my vitamins in.
Does anyone know anything about this Dot Dot Dash business?

Current Mood: complacent
Saturday, April 26th, 2003
12:43 am
I just saw Bis. Woo!
Lots and lots of old stuff, I actually really like Return to Central but they only played one song off it.

Still never mind, its all good.
Thursday, April 17th, 2003
1:27 pm
but how could you drive a can?
yesterday i was looking at my new transistor heroes book-like thingy with the pictures and lyrics and stuff and i saw in the lyrics of "starbright boy" instead of "we want a car with a removable roof" it said "we want a CAN..."

if you have the new transistor heroes would you look at the lyrics of starbright boy and see if yours is the same?

could this be a rare misprint or a careless typo in every book?

Current Mood: hot
Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
9:21 pm
hi :) if you don't know me, i'm a hardcore fan. sorta.
as in, i try to get all the stuff i can get my hands on, love them to death, but haven't seen them live because the two times they came down to melbourne, australia i was underage and couldn't get in. life sucked.

so yeah, i read somewhere (on a guestbook or interview or website or something) that bis have these soultrait'sfuckingcrazy-rare tracks [which are 'unreleased'] called Honesty Is Stupid and My Fist Your Face (which i think might be an aerosmith cover...)
i think they were being played on Bisradio when it was online... actually, that's probably where i heard about them...

anyway, i've been scanning kazaa, winmx and soulseek in the mega-vain search to try and find these tracks... has anyone heard them?! does anyone know where i could get copies [digital or otherwise]?!!

it's my mission.
our mission, as fans.
Thursday, March 6th, 2003
11:48 pm
well, i don't know if ANYONE reads this anymore, or whatnot, but as of feb. 14, 2003, bis has decided to split. for more info, you can visit www.bisnation.com

i feel guilty for JUST now finding out, but i also thought it would be nice to share this info.
Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
12:06 pm
I found out a few days back, but haven’t posted in here. This is the worst news ive gotten in a long time.

Bis was/is may absolute favorite band in the world, and now poof, like so many others they’re gone too.

I listen to quite a large variety of music, but Bis was one of three bands (excluding a few solo artists) I like that were still putting out new material. Arg.

I know they say they're all going to do things separately, but i know how that goes usually.
Example: Daisy Chainsaw. When they split in 92, then reformed as Queen Adreena in 2000. It just isn’t the same. I like Queen Adreena but For me they will never be as close to my heart as Daisy Chainsaw.

Anyway, I hope no one is feeling as bad about this as I am, bit if you are, i assure you, you are far from alone.

Current Mood: angry
Sunday, February 16th, 2003
12:43 am
eek bis split up!
guh. i know everyone must be on the bisnation mailing list...but if not...
how depressing is thisCollapse )? so depressing.
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